BaobabLive at Astrant w/ Son de Aqui


For the next BaobabLive event we are heading to Ede. For this night we've invited the Cumbia/Jarocho band from Mexico via The Netherlands Son de Aquí.

Son de Aquí (literally translated as "They're from Here") is a Mexican music band, specializing in variations of "Son" or the fusion of indigenous, Spanish and African musical elements taken primarily from the coastal Mexican, Cuban and Colombian rhythms. After more than 18 years of continuous research and performance, these artists have focused on developing their own contemporary artistic contribution to the Son through their influence from hip hop, reggae, funk and electronic styles. Today, Son de Aquí mixes these modern styles with Latin and Afro-Caribbean beats, making a unique genre and definitely not conventional. Having Cumbia and Jarocho as a foundation, the band's primary goal is to combine unique sounds from an uncommon musical instrument set, an attractive visual performance through lighting and dance, and female vocals. At the end, SON DE AQUÍ takes traditional elements to create an innovative musical experience.

More about Son de Aquí;

Son de aqui started playing around year 2000 in Mexico City. Along these last thirteen years the band has collaborated with many musicians from different countries such as Africa, France, Colombia, Uruguay, Cuba, as well as with some of the best musicians in the national musical scene. All of the Son de aqui members have a wide individual career.
The first album of Son de aqui ' Traigo Sabor ' was recorded in 2004, in which the band explored the sound of traditional Cuban music, playing Son and Timba . It was performed mainly in public places in Mexico City as well as many important festivals inside the country having a great response from the different audiences. The band was invited to France for the release o the album and there were also some shows in small venues in Spain.

In 2015 Son de Aquí was selected by the Mexican Ministry of Culture as one of the best groups to carry out a tour throughout Mexico City. Later they received support and scholarships to continue playing and spreading their music, so in 2015 they were invited to the most important theater in the Mexico City (Teatro de la Ciudad) to present their second album. The band has also been invited several times to different tv and radio shows and has participated in the soundtrack of two movies by the Mexican film maker Emilio Portes's: 'Hugol' and 'Conozca la cabeza de Juan Pérez'.
In summer of 2018 they had a tour around some cities in The Netherlands presenting their music and having great feedback from the audience.

Pre-sale €7,-
Door-sale €10,-

Line up:
More info about the line up soon!

Tijd: 22:00 - 02:00 uur

Locatie: Kuiperplein 31